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Exhibit Surveys, Inc.  did a study revealing that live demonstrations and entertainment in display areas are among the top methods for attracting incremental booth traffic. Professional trade show magicians placed second only to demonstrations for product awareness and recognition after the show.

Generate excitement


Here are some of the key benefits to hiring a professional magician as part of your overall trade show marketing strategy:

  • Attracting booth visitors who otherwise would not have stopped by your exhibit.
  • Educating attendees about your products and services.
  • Entertaining booth visitors while providing a window of opportunity to pre-qualify prospects.
  • Enhance name recognition and recall after the show.
  • Increasing the number of leads generated from show participation.

Close the deal


With 25 years of Sales and Marketing experience, Jason Porter knows how to talk to potential clients and find your company more leads. He works with and can train your trade show staff to find the people who would have just passed by and turn them into potential customers. The magician draws them in, delivers your message, makes it memorable and hold their attention as your staff grabs the leads he prequalifies for you.

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